Radmo is an ultra-durable CD slot mount for mobile phone, mini-tablet and GPS devices that fits right into your car’s CD player, effortlessly.

Radmo’s Patented and unique design is like no other mount available on the market.

It takes seconds to assemble with no need for any tools.

It’s 100% adjustable for any phone size up to mini-tablets.

Ergonomically positioned for easy viewing.

Fits Perfectly to your CD Player, it is still usable and completely unaffected

Safety Comes 1st When Driving

  • Keeps the windshield clear and non-obstructed for the driver and passengers

  • Does not sit on the dashboard where the airbags are located

  • Positioned for optimal visibility

  • Radmo allows you to charge your device while driving

It’s 100% adjustable for any phone size up to 8″ mini-tablets

Are Windshield Mounts Legal In Your State?

* Radmo is not a windshield mount

Dear awesome Radmo Folks, I’ve had my Radmo for a while now and I love it. I have the one for my Garmin.

- Eva

I recently received my Radmo Dual and it works like a charm! Assembly was easy and it fits perfectly in my car’s CD player.

- Max

Absolutely brilliant in both concept and execution. The Radmo mount assembles without tools in less than a minute.  This thing just works. Let’s hear it for simplicity!

- Guruka

Perfect fit, received it within a week after sending. Radmo Classic, Mercedes CLA and Iphone 6.

- Liebert

Thanks for the great product…
Works very well in my car!

- Sacha

I Wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with material quality and the manner in which it holds the mobile. Congratulate you and your team for devising such a simple but very effective device.

- Sameer

You have done a tremendous job with this mobile phone mount. I set it up easily. The parts were all good quality. Thank you for creating this product.

- Manny

Just wanted to send you a thank you. I couldn’t be more pleased with the project as a whole and the finished product. I ordered a dual and my LG G3 fits perfect with a case.

- Matthew

Top product, great fitting and easy to use. My iPhone 6 stays in there nicely with a cover in landscape mode. Great work. Thanks!

- Anna

Got my Radmo Classic today (Montreal, Qc, Canada), well made, fits great in my Honda Element cd slot

- Robert

I picked up my RADMO morning at the post office and was excited to get it and am enjoying it very much. I am really happy to get rid of the “gooseneck” mount from my console. Great idea and great product!

- Gary

Finally had a chance to try my Radmo today with an iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 5. Great mount, nice and stable in both portrait and landscape mode.

- Sean

Just received it and I love my Radmo, it works perfectly and not experience wobble

- Andry
I would certainly like to mention that Radmo is genuinely great innovation with simple design.
It is indeed 100% practical product which serves its purpose at best.
- Gaurav



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