Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I assemble Radmo?

Radmo is very easy to assemble. No tools are required.  Just adjust the handles to your phone’s size.

Click here for assembly instructions

2.  How do I install Radmo in my vehicle?

No installation needed. Just slide Radmo into the CD slot and slip your phone into it, both will fit perfectly.

3.  Does Radmo fit all mobile phone models?

Yes. Radmo fits all kinds of mobile phone models.
The Radmo Classic fit devices up to 12 mm thickness.
The Radmo Dual fit devices up to 16 mm thickness.

Please note: Devices bigger than five Inches / 12.7 centimeters, can be mounted only in Vertical position in the Radmo Classic.
The Radmo Dual accommodates devices in both vertical and horizontal positions.

4.  What GPS / Tablet devices are Radmo suitable for?

Radmo for GPS/Mini-Tablet can fit most GPS and Mini-Tablet devices, up to an 8″ and palm size electronic devices (iPad Mini size, up to 12oz / 340g).

5.  Does Radmo affect the ability to play CD’s?

No. Radmo does not interfere with your CD player’s operation.

You can play a disk while Radmo is mounting.

Your CD player is still usable and completely unaffected.

While replacing a disk, It’s just a quick insert and release from the CD slot.

6.  What is the grip range of the clamp?

For the Radmo ClassicFive Inches / 12.7 centimeters.

For the Radmo Dual/Mini Tablet/GPS: Eight Inches (iPad Mini size) / 20.3 centimeters.

7.  Is Radmo water proof?


8.  How much weight will it support?

340 gr. / 12 oz.  (Modern smartphones weigh 5 oz. on average).

9.  Can I charge the Smartphone while using Radmo?

Yes. It also does not interfere with the earphone jack.

If you’re using iPhone 5 or 6, place the phone to the right instead in the middle of the base.

* Please make sure your CD slot is accessible.

In case there is a small protrusion above the CD slot you’ll need the L shaped arms (as of the Radmo Dual/Twin/Mini Tablet) which places the phone 2 cm away from the dashboard.

Radmo doesn’t fit a curved or hidden CD slot.